Teagher Studio
Based in Normandy,

Release Date:

September 28th 2020

Studio Founding Date:

Around 2017



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Segwheel is a multiplayer game with unconventional controls. Try to drive your segway by controlling each wheel separately, and avoid the various obstacles in order to finish first !


This game is all about mastering the driving by precisely controlling each wheel of your segway separately. Each wheel can either go forward or backward. By mixing the two, you can move in every direction : for example, go backward with the left wheel and forward with the right wheel in order to turn left.

You need to be fast but also agile in order to avoid the various deadly obstacles. The control scheme is easy to understand but hard to master.

Play with as much players as you want (we won't stop you from playing a 200 players game). Controls are rebindable as much as you want. You could even try to play "co-op" mode : Two players per segway, one controlling the left wheel, the other controlling the right wheel.

You can customize a lot of things in Segwheel by activating various modifiers. From extreme rotation speed to turn-based gameplay, there is a lot to try and have fun with. And you know what ? You can combine modifiers together ! You can absolutely enjoy a game where you can't stop going forward at insane speed, with unstable segways that explodes on impact, while avoiding lethal orbital strikes and alien abduction rays. It's your choice !


Trailer : HERE !


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Logo & Icon

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Thomas Lebrun
Code / VFX / Level Design / Audio (Music & SFX) / Game Design

Anatole Chaumont Frelet
Code / Game Design

Léa Pequignot
3D Art / Artistic Direction / Trailer