The bigger ones

Just More Doors

It's simple : Open the door to win! Explore this huge place where every door could lead to something incredible! You shall expect to encounter doors, doors, doors and... doors. This is 100% a game about opening doors.

Spell Swap

An explosive 2D wizard fighting game about swapping spells with your opponents. Everyone gets their own spell and swaps on impact. Use your spell to kill your opponents... or use it to steal their own!


Fast, agile, beautiful, magnificient... The segway is trully a racing beast. Enjoy a fast and fun racing game with unconventional controls : you drive each wheel separately with 2 commands each : go forward OR go backward. Be fast, and try to perfectly control your segway to avoid the various obstacles on each track.


It's raining. You can hear the thunder raging through the sky, giving you a short glimpse of the city in front of you. Why are you there ? You don't remember why you went to this place... Well... Wait. You don't even remember anything... Anyway, let's go see what the city has to offer, it's not like there's anything else to do...

Selfie Shooter

Enter a selfie shooting contest and win by.. killing your opponent ?!
Selfie Shooter is a "versus" game where two players on segways fight each other with selfie-stick-mounted-guns. Obviously, as it is a selfie-stick, the gun points at its wielder. So, try to drive the segway around the arena and make a beautiful - deadly - selfie with your opponent !

Just A Few More Doors

OPEN THE DOOR TO WIN. A beautiful game experience, where you got to open the door in order to discover an amazing world full of wonders. Open the door ! See by yourself !


Game jams, small projects

VGL Gamejam 2021 - Radar Sonar Whatevar - November 2021

Earth is under attack! You control the Earth's anti-missile-orbital-defense-system (or AMOD. Wait, who cares about acronyms?). Turn around the planet and fire at those pesky missiles! Hey, they want to destroy your beloved Earth, don't have remorses for missiles.

Ludum Dare 48 - Deep Sleep Explorer - April 2021

Welcome to our brand new experimental product, Deep Sleep Explorer. Download it, launch it, and explore your dreams... Dive deeper and deeper in this weird realm... Who knows what you might find down there...

Ludum Dare 47 - Start The Game - October 2021

You just got home after a long day at work. Time to get some well deserved entertainment and play a nice and relaxing game ! Get to your computer and start the game ! You just got home after a long day at the game. Time to start the well deserved entertainment and play the game ! Get to your start the game and start the game ! You start the game after a long start the game. Time to get some well deserved start the game ! Start the game and start the game !

Ludum Dare 46 - Blazerunner - April 2020

You are charged with the hard task of bringing the olympic's torch to the cauldron. However, the organizators forgot to pave the way. Therefore, you might have to do a little bit of... Parkour... In order to get to the unusual place where they decided to put the cauldron. Avoid any contact with water or strong winds in order to keep the flame alive. And don't forget to stay alive too.

Ludum Dare 45 - Hide It / Break It / Pay It - October 2019

You received a big house as a legacy of an old relative... But the tax inspector comes in a few minutes. You need to discover a house you know nothing about, and try to hide or break any valuable to avoid paying too much in taxes !

Jam Crée Le Jeu - Il neige encore - August 2019

- For english speaker, it's a game made for a french game jam, and therefore, is in French. We might do an english update in the near futur -
Il fait froid... le vent souffle... tu suis ta mère depuis plusieurs heures maintenant dans ce blizzard... Il faut aller contre le vent qu'elle te dit. Les gens sont désorientés. Il fait de plus en plus froid depuis quelques années, mais là c'est un record. Ta mère te donne quelques habits supplémentaire, et te demande de l'attendre pendant qu'elle se repose près d'un feu. Que fais-tu ?

Ludum Dare 44 - Hydrate And Annihilate - April 2019

You are a vending machine. You give drinks to fighters in a robot combat arena. Those fighter robots are mocking you for your lack of combat skills. IT IS TIME TO FIGHT BACK ! You have been... hacked. And now, you want to fight. You CAN fight. Show them how powerful you are ! Throw coins and drinks on those robots to show who's the boss. OBLITERATE THEM !

Global Game Jam 2019 - Cabin Warfare : Snow Ops

You are a children playing in your garden, around your small cabin. Your have a great imagination, and today you feel like a warrior, so you choose to fight against imaginary evil snowmen that wants to destroy your cabin ! You stole your parents' hair dryer and all their stock of salt, so you're ready to fight !

Ludum Dare 43 - Fight For Your Light - December 2018

You are the last defender of your realm of light. Even if your masters left the world a long time ago, you're still defending this last light core. You hear echoes in the distance... The abyss is coming to take away the last glimpse of light.

Ludum Dare 42 - Running Out Of Spice - August 2018

A small game made during the Ludum Dare #42, the theme was "Running out of space". Welcome aboard your spiceship, a powerful flying beast powered by spices. Go as far as you can, stay spicy to keep going, while trying to avoid getting too spicy, as the more you fill your spiceship with spices, the faster it gets !

HON #1 Gamejam - Die More, Please - February 2017

A small game made during the first HON GameJam, with the theme "Dying is good". It's a local multiplayer platformer where you got to die as much as you can ! Be quick, and choose wisely, you don't want to let the opponent die more than you !